So excited… but so very, very nervous!

Remember those samples I showed you earlier this month? The fine silk ones? I took them along with me to a couple of meetings at the end of November, to show the range of materials and work Common Threadsundertake. I’m delighted to say that those meeting were successful and I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that Common Threads now have a couple of exhibitions in the diary! First up is a One Year On stand, featuring work form a number of members of the group, as part of the Summer show back at Bradford School of Art. We have a theme (a common thread, if you like!) and I’ll tell you more about that another time, as it deserves a post all of its own.
But the big news is actually nearly two years away – but it will come around oh so quickly… 2019 sees the Centenary of Bradford Cathedral – George V designated the parish church of St Peter as a cathedral in November 1919 and throughout 2019, Bradford Cathedral’s Artspace will be showing exhibitions as part of the Centenary celebrations. I’m delighted to be able to tell you the Common Threads have been invited to take the final 4-6 week exhibition slot in the Cathedral, so our exhibition will actually be in place for the exact date of the Centenary. As a group we are very excited, and can’t wait to undertake a research trip in the Spring. Bradford has a rich textile heritage and the parish church that became the cathedral is firmly embedded in that. There are some glorious textiles within the cathedral that we might use as starting points, and we’ll keep you posted of these exciting developments!

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