Last Minute Prep!

Amongst some of my non-weaving crafting friends, I am affectionately known as Midnight Weaver (search #midnightweaver on Instagram; it’s a thing), due to the whole last minute nature of my production. It started at college with Project 2 and hasn’t really changed since. I had high hopes that preparing for the Saltaire Makers Fair might be different, but it was not to be. However, I do have some more items for the West Windows collection, so let me show you them now.
Firstly, I finished the last part of the warp from the collection (the part I’d cut off), with another cushion and a throw.

The cushion is based on the design I used for the chair pad, but with a couple of minor tweaks, since I like everything to be unique.
The throw is based on the design I used for the envelope cushion with the buttons.

I would have liked to complete an additional pattern repeat but I was running out of both time and warp, so it’s a little smaller than the first throw I completed.
I also wove some fabric on my 4 shaft Ashford loom, using some hand dyed British blend DK. It’s a gorgeous bouncy yarn, but in all my calculations, I completely forgot to account for shrinkage when taking the fabric off the loom – it was so bouncy and stretchy, it lost nearly 20% in length just from coming off the loom after being held under tension, without the shrinkage from finishing, which I had tried to account for. That mean, of the three designs I had woven, I only had enough fabric in two of them to make cushions:

With the third fabric, I decided to run up some notebook covers.

I like them, but I think in the future I’d prefer to make them from a longer thinner warp, so the selvedges from the top and bottom edge of the covers. But it’s all a learning curve, right?
I’ve also got some smaller items made from pieces of fabric left over from other projects, either offcuts or larger sampling pieces where I’ve woven bigger pieces to make a choice between lift patterns or yarn colours. I’m also turning my yarn wraps that were displayed at New Designers into art pieces, since they got so much positive feedback there.
So now all I have to do is pack the car and set out. Wish me luck!

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