Excitement…. and┬átrepidation!

Since I last blogged, it’s been a bit crackers here – I’ve squeezed in show prep for taking my hand dyed yarns and fibre business to Fibre East, a walking weekend in Skye and a few days in Edinburgh with some of my friends from my walking group and gone down to Fibre East last weekend. In amongst all of this, I was very flattered to receive an email from Saltaire Inspired, the organisation behind the Makers Fairs held in Saltaire twice a year. Someone from the organisation noticed my work at the Bradford College Summer Show and I have been offered one of the Bradford Graduate spots – a stand they offer at a discounted rate for those just beginning on the Designer Maker path. I am very excited, but also just a bit nervous – after all, it doesn’t matter how much people tell me they like my work if it doesn’t actually sell. I’ve spent this week planning out what to make to have products across a range of prices, whilst simultaneously trying to clear work from the 4 shaft Ashford loom and my 8 shaft Katie so I can both weave some scarves and have something I’ve woven to wear. In amongst this I’ve also got Summer School, so I’ll lose a week there. Best crack on then…

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