Looking Back: Project Four

Project 4 was a short 12 week project entitled “Layers”. For the weavers in the group that meant double weave, also known as double cloth. In this technique, you effectively weave two layers together. They can be stitched together at various points so that the two layers for a tube, or can be sealed up the side to create a pocket that can be stuffed as you weave. Blocks of colour were our starting points and I used the David Hockney Building, one of the newest buildings at Bradford College, as my inspiration.

I have to say, the grey and pink combo took me right back to some outfits I was very fond of in my teenage years. What can I say? It was the early 80s. Shut up.
I chose a cotyon and cottolin warp in pink, red and a neutral for one layer and a charcoal grey for the other. It was threaded in blocks so I could mix it up a bit.. Warp was a mix of cottons and cottolins with some boucle, chenille and tencel mixed in for texture and shine. Thiscwas my first go at interiors.
First up the upholstery fabrics.

Then the throws.

Then the cushions and I had fun with these! The top left has tubes that are stuffed all the way through to make a seat pad. The bottom left has random pockets stuffed abd would make an interesting panel in a cushion.

The fina pair are an exploration in taking the same pattern and changing scale. Or at least they should have been, but that’s not quite how they turned out. I loved this project -regular sized blocks (even if the pattern wasn’t regular) texture and some fringe! I think it has been my most successful to date.

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