Product Research for Project Six

Even though I have not yet finished Project Five, I started the product research for Project Six today, the final collection. My source of inspiration is the West Windows from Manchester Cathedral, specifically parts of the one featured in this post.
I want to weave multi-layered cloth using British wool on my new loom when it comes. I haven’t fully made a decision on whether I’ll be weaving for fashion or interiors, but whilst I was considering trends (sadly Textile View and the trends forecasts tend to focus on fashion only) I found a picture of a beautiful blanket in double weave in Selvedge, by Heather Shields.

I’ve not come across this designer before and I really like her work. It’s bold and very graphic, which appeals a lot. Now, I don’t want to create such a strong repetitive pattern in my work but I do love what she designs.Heather works in Scotland with lambswool and she still produces some of her scarves on a handloom. I’ve had a lovely time exploring her website and I recommend you do too!

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